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Passionate  by  the art of building well

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Optimization & Economy

  • Pre-development of projects (economic evaluation, profitability study, critical path, value engineering, etc.) ​​

  • Prepare calls for tenders and negotiate subcontracts; ​​

  • Submit and validate construction budgets; ​​

  • Plan the work and maintain the construction schedule; ​​

  • Track and forecast project costs; ​​

  • Participate in meetings with project professionals for the coordination and development of plans; ​​

  • Evaluate optimization options that can avoid future problems and reduce construction costs;​ ​

  • Direct and control the quality standards of works on construction sites.

Expertises: Services


Leadership & know-how

  • Supervise, coordinate and organize the work of subcontractors, specialists and other shifts  trades;

  • Lead site meetings;

  • Establish work methods and respect execution schedules;

  • Solve technical problems on site  and recommend measures to increase productivity;

  • Ensure compliance with safety standards (CNESST);

  • Preparation of the detailed work schedule as well as periodic schedules;

  • Evaluate weekly logistics needs, prepare requisitions and deliveries;

  • Manage and track inspection reports until final approval by professionals and client.

Expertises: Services
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Rigor &  precision

  • Feasibility analysis of a claim file; ​​

  • Preparation of a claim file; ​​

  • Assistance to legal counsel; ​​

  • Schedule delay analysis; ​​

  • Loss of productivity analysis; ​​

  • Change order analyses; ​​

  • Damage quantification;

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